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G2 Humans Head Upscale (UPDATE)

592 (3.30gb Gesamttraffic, 0.5 pro Tag)


!!Updated!! Due to file size limitations, links to archives are specified in the Instructions.txt file.
This retexture is already assembled into a mini-mod, and there are also sources (1024x512 and 512x256 .TGA)

Not a year has passed. Here are all the face textures from G2, passed through two neural networks to improve clarity and quality. (Remini application with its gorgeous drawing of faces without losing the main features, as well as Topaz Gigapixel AI software for those places that the previous neural network did not master)

The order of the process passed is as follows:

0. All face textures were compiled into 10 files 768x768, 18 pieces each.
1. These originals were passed in two passes through Remini, for a total of x4.
2. In parallel, the originals were passed through Topaz Gigapixel AI, also x4.
3. Conducted the reduction of two options with the preservation of the most successful details. And also, where possible, a small manual revision was carried out. (Conventionally, these files are sources)
4. Downscaling of all 10 files in x2 was carried out using the same Topaz Gigapixel AI.
5. Common files are parsed into separate textures and compiled by the game.

The result is 512x256 (twice the size of the original) by and large retained the detail of the sources, but at the same time it is not much larger than the original and should not load the memory too much.

PS. Do not forget that this is, by and large, machine processing, minor inconsistencies and artifacts are possible. Plus, the original textures in Gothic already had a lot of problems on the 3D heads, but with the increase in resolution they just became more noticeable.


Ska-Ara28.01.2021 21:54
Hab mir gerade mal die Ergebnisse angeschaut, das ist echt wow, was die aus den Gesichtern rausholen. Klar man merkt dass die sich bei den Haaren schwer tun, aber die Gesicher sind unglaublich gut. Remini gibt es aber leider nicht für den PC oder? Habs eben nur für handy gefunden leider.
Bezio29.01.2021 02:08
Yes, I myself tried for a long time to find a version on a PC, or a program with the same neural network, but alas, the algorithm is unique for this application... But I used the Nox emulator on a PC, it seems to work fine. The Remini app itself allows you to make only 5 upscales per day, or you need to buy a subscription..
However, I found a few loopholes:
- Firstly, quick login via mail to Google and registering an account on the same mail - these are two different accounts, each has its own 5 attempts + quick login via Facebook, but you can also add more mails for quick login.
- Secondly, it seems that Remini has no restrictions on the number of faces, the main thing is that the final scaling result does not exceed 4096x4096 (that is, if you put 2048x2048 there, it will enlarge the picture 2 times, if initially it is larger - then the ceiling will still be 4k and scaling will be smaller). I threw in posters of 18 face textures (768x768) from Gothic and Remini worked great. Recently I tried to increase the width and height by 2 times (1536x1536), 72 face textures fit on such a poster, and what would you think..? Remini was able to process so many textures in one try!
- Thirdly, Remini renders hair normally, but only in the square area around the face, the rest is rendered very poorly and too sharply. To somehow solve this problem, I simultaneously scaled the textures in Topaz Gigapixel and replaced all the bad places with them.

So my advice is to compose a lot of textures in one picture (It is very easy to cut them later with the [www.imgonline.com.ua/cut-photo-into-pieces.php] service), use multiple accounts (quick login and registration - 2 account for one mail) and do not rely on the Remini neural network alone.

Here's an example, don't be afraid of crooked faces, this is an automatic bulk face replacement using the Reflect application. The picture shows the result of 2 Remini treatments. 4096x4096.


PS. Remini draws faces gorgeous, and FaceApp works gorgeous with high-res, I highly recommend trying to work with it, you get an excellent result.

Ska-Ara29.01.2021 19:35
thats so dope hehe. great work man great work. i i need that later i simply use this 6 euro sub. i guess its a good deal for a month.
shame that it wont work with clothes/armors or even monsters hehe
Bezio30.01.2021 00:24
I agree that the algorithm is trained simply gorgeous, it retains the details by 90%. Of course, I would also very much like to find this for all other textures, but it is worth noting that it is much easier to train a neural network for faces, since all faces are generally quite similar, and clothes\body parts - this is really more difficult)

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