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Autor: Draxes und Cryp18Struct
Hinzugefügt: 26.09.2022 16:28
Views: 1021
Downloads: 455

In Dirty Swamp you take on the role of a slave who always has to do the dirty work for his master Sanchez. Once more he is about to loot a temple - and he despises temples - when his life takes an unexpected turn: The nameless protagonist finds himself in a foreign place all of a sudden, where he will face unexpected challenges and make both friends and enemies. But at least now that he is free, he can finally give rein to his ironic and cheeky personality without getting punched in the face for it ... most of the time anyway.

After more than a decade of development and almost two years since Dirty Swamp 3.0 has been released, it is finally time for the English Version!

Version 3.0 now comes with fully translated text in English, its own soundtrack as well as a lot of new features. Many dialogues have been adapted to fit the English version. Jokes, references or expressions that would have been lost in translation are now either slightly changed or rewritten.

Dirty Swamp is now available via Spine! (ID 488)
A classic installer for all who don't use Spine can be found in the download section below on this page.

  • completely new story
  • 30+ hours play time
  • multiple difficulty levels - something for everybody!
  • well thought out dialogues
  • smalltalk-dialogues between NPC's relating to the situation
  • new soundtrack as well as original soundtracks adapted to it
  • german voice over which should help transfering the emotional state of characters
  • challenging bossfights
  • greatly changed addon world - you probably won't recognize it for the most part!
  • new monsters, animations, textures and models
  • MANY new spells like Meteor, Ice Shards, weapon enchantments and summoned companions
  • quickcast system - all spells can be cast while holding a weapon in your hand
  • revamped magic system (damage scaling, cooldown system, mana regeneration)
  • practical cooldown bar for potions, spells, weapon abilities and arrows
  • ingame explanations of all new features and spells through documents and diary entries
  • special weapon abilites like Sweeping Blow or Heavy Shot
  • poison, fire and explosive arrows which can be switched during a fight
  • potions are now an elemental part of difficult fights
  • sprinting
  • FreeAim by mud-freak integrated (can be turned off!) - some spells function differently with this (for example Meteor -> selection of the impact area)
  • custom loading screens for each section of the game
  • Spine achievements
  • furthermore, several easter eggs are just waiting to be discovered by you!
  • and many more!
A few words before playing

D3D11 Renderer Support
You would like to play with a D3D11 Renderer? Download our alternate effects designed specifically for the renderer. They can be found in Spine on the download page for Dirty Swamp and installed as an additional package. If you install Dirty Swamp with the classic installer, those effects are installed automatically if you've already installed the renderer.

If you DON'T play with the renderer, please play without these effects. They really only look better than the original when using the renderer!

Do you like facts and figures, planning your builds ahead or do you just want to know what talents and skills there are to learn in Dirty Swamp? Then you are in the right place! The almanac can be downloaded via Spine as an additional package or found here in the download section.

Recommended patches (that we like)
  • Union by Gratt (Spine-ID 320) - newest SystemPack included
    Union is a further developed version of the SystemPack. We recommend to use Union instead of the SystemPack. One of these two packages has to be used for Dirty Swamp to work properly. Smalltalk dialogs however will only have subtitles with Union.
    We also recommend using the 4GB Patch (Spine-ID 219), which, to put it bluntly, results in fewer crashes.
    (You don't need to install this patch seperately if: Dirty Swamp was installed with the classic installer (not with Spine) AND Playerkit + Resource Patch + Union were installed via ResourceManager)
  • Better Torches by Bloodfly91 (Spine-ID 324) - Lighting torches at the touch of a button is eerily convenient in spooky places!
  • Categorized Inventory by mud-freak (Spine-ID 262) A tidy inventory is a tidy mind
Patches we don't recommend for Dirty Swamp
  • mana regeneration - already included as learnable talents
  • sprinting - already integrated and improvable by talent and ring
  • percent based potions - potions already heal in percent values
  • generally speaking we advise to just start with Dirty Swamp and later on add feature patches if you feel like there's something missing.

The safest way is to install Dirty Swamp 3 into a "clean" Gothic II installation, in which no other modifications are installed. But in most cases there should be no problems if several modifications are installed in parallel.

1.: Gothic II Gold (Gothic II + Addon Night of the Raven)
2.: Gothic 2.exe report Version

3a.: Install Union (including primary patch)

3b.: If you absolutely do not want to use Union [Union is the advancement of the SystemPack. We personally see no reason to use SystemPack instead of Union]:
3b 1: gothic2_playerkit-2.6f
3b 2: Install the SystemPack instead of Union and 4GB Patch
3b 3: Disable Data Execution Prevention for gothic2.exe:
Open Control Panel: System and Security: System: Advanced System Settings: Advanced: Advanced -> In the settings window:
Data Execution Prevention
Either enable the Data Execution Prevention only for required Windows programs and services or add Gothic2.exe as an exception.

4.: D3D11 Renderer: If a renderer is to be used, it should be installed BEFORE Dirty Swamp
Kirides releases

5.: Start Gothic II here once as a test to see if the installation works so far.

6.: Install DirtySwamp-english-3.0.18.exe:

7.: Start Gothic II\system\GothicStarter.exe and start Dirty Swamp with it

8.: If you are able to start a new game in Dirty Swamp without any problems, you can now install the recommended patches if you want (also pay attention to the requirements there!):

8.1.: Better Torches
8.2.: Categorized Inventory

(If you install the D3D11 renderer after installing Dirty Swamp, you should reinstall Dirty Swamp afterwards. Otherwise the game will start with wrong particle effect settings and some effects will be rendered completely wrong and the performance will be worse).

Release Thread

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